Cat Sitting – L.E.S COMBO I (Film & Story)


Lesbian Cat Custody Complications!



Written by Sam Skyborne

Directed by Wollie Boehm


A Sexy Lesbian romance of Loss, Lust & Love

When lesbians say “It’s complicated” they’re usually not kidding… right down to cat custody issues.

Some time after their traumatic and messy breakup, Alex reluctantly agrees to do the cat sitting for her former girlfriend, Teresa.
She knew her first visit back to what she used to call ‘home’ would not be easy.
So, although she is very happy to see her fur-babies, will she cope with what else she finds?

Part I of the L.E.S (Lesbian Erotic Stories) COMBO (Short Story & Short Film) Collection.

“Cat Sitting” is a sexy lesbian romance short about love, loss and new beginnings by the award-winning author, Sam Skyborne, and filmmaker Wollie Boehm.

*** FEATURING Twinkle-toes ***

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over18logo_70x70For Adults ONLY!

“A delightful story of love, lust and pussy cats”
“Don’t we know the intricacies of life 😉 Great story!”
“A lovely funny story to warm the heart and spice up life, easy to watch or read and no lesbian characters killed!” – K M Hall
“A great short story filled with tension, sex, and hilarity! Would absolutely recommend it!​” – Amanda