Simulation: The Dawn of a Superhero



The Dawn of a Superhero.

A Lesbian Sci-Fi/dystopian Romance!

When passion runs too hot….

Of all the experiments, of all time…love still remains the most dangerous!
Samantha Fielding, an emotionally scarred ex-war hero, enrols into a top-secret scientific research programme for all the wrong reasons.

Will she live…to regret her mistakes?

In a dystopian future, after a decade of war, the United Kingdom is on its knees, ruled by strict martial law. Any ‘deviant’ behaviour including homosexuality or lesbianism is punishable in a manner worse than death–the perpetrators are forcibly ‘reset’.

After her final and devastating tour on The Front, Samantha returns home. Here, in the small Cornish coastal town in rural England she struggles to adapt to ‘normal’ life and eventually, not knowing where else to turn, she enlists in a top-secret scientific research programme. This programme is intended to test her skill, endurance and fibre to their limits in order to unleash powerful, potentially lethal latent human abilities. As if life is not tough enough, she finds herself living dangerously by falling for the sexy, intelligent and enigmatic principal scientist, Dr Victoria Henderson, thereby – risking everything.

*** 2018 – NYC Big Book Award – WINNER! ***

*** 2019 – Global eBook Award – WINNER! ***

“Hot sci-fi thriller – A gripping, page-turner…”

“In the not too distant future – a shell shocked war vet has to find her way back to normal life. The result is anything but normal.”

”Simulation” by Sam Skyborne is the gripping love story of the future. If you like fascinating mental phenomenon, high stakes, sizzling tension and fast-paced page-turners, then this is the book for you.

Buy ”Simulation” now to find out whether Samantha survives and gets the girl!

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“An Absolutely Wonderful Book” – Amanda
“A real page-turner!” – Miss E. Mumford
“Wow! What a mesmerizing page turner” – Geraldine Robertson-Brown
“Kick-ass and definitely someone I’d like to meet” – A Frick
“This is a very atmospheric and compelling read…” – Anny
“This is a great read, full of tension, a good plot.” – Wayne


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Loved it!

“Wow just finished your novel-brilliant. Never read anything like it… Really got drawn into the characters and intrigue of the plot – can’t wait to read the next installment. I’m off to Cornwall soon too! A lighthouse will never look the same again.” – A Reader


Good pacing, interesting storyline

Although I found the start a little slow and I wasn’t quite sure where it was going, it soon took off and ripped along at a good pace. I warmed to Sam once she and Victoria met and the real crux of the story came through, and I thought the ending was really good, especially as it hinted at more to come from these characters. A good debut. – Angela


Buy this book!

This is a great read – a real page turner with believable and engaging characters and a gripping storyline, set in an all too possible uncomfortable future. I loved it and can’t wait for the next book in the trilogy. Sam’s my kind of hero! A great debut. I’ll definitely be looking out for more from this author. – Amazon Customer.


kick-ass and definitely someone I’d like to meet

A gripping futuristic story.. Sam is my new hero. She’s hot, kick-ass and definitely someone I’d like to meet. Can’t wait for the next instalment! – Ana.


I loved this, couldn’t put it down once I started …

I loved this, couldn’t put it down once I started it. Beautifully written, intriguing plot and very real characters. Looking forward to finding out what happens next! – Lily.


Wow! What a mesmerizing page turner

Superbly well written, a real page turner… I vow you’ll not be able to put it down until finished. Truly believable characters and ones you warm too. Don’t let its category of Lesbian Fiction, put you off, its all subtle and tastefully executed. Hopefully like me you’ll end up wanting more… Definitely a sequel waiting to be written….. Even better a film. – Gerry Bell.


A real page-turner!

I read this book from start to finish in one sitting – I couldn’t put it down! The plot is truly original, particularly in the genre of lesbian fiction, and is full of unexpected twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end. The characters are well drawn and compelling and the relationships are very believable. A really great read! – Ms E Mumford.


The very graphic prologue sets up the backstory brilliantly, and the contrast of locations from rural Cornwall …

This is a very atmospheric and compelling read with a wide range of characters from the very loveable to the very scary indeed. The very graphic prologue sets up the backstory brilliantly, and the contrast of locations from rural Cornwall to the intimidating futuristic research laboratory creates a world that is simultaneously now and not now, here and not here. The narrative whips along at a furious pace and keeps you guessing, the characters are complex, and when the book ends I was wondering what happens next? I’m really looking forward to reading the next part of the trilogy. – Anny.


If you’re a fan of sci-fi, superheroes, science or lesbian novels then you should go read this book

The character of Sam is very well written and at times I felt like I was right there with Sam, seeing what she was seeing, hearing what she was hearing and feeling what she was feeling. I loved the little twist at the end, I really wasn’t expecting it but I was glad that it happened.

Overall a very well written story with two fantastic characters that I thoroughly enjoyed reading about. If you’re a fan of sci-fi, superheroes, science or lesbian novels then you should go read this book, even if you’re not you should read it. – Planet Nation.


A great read with a mixture of angst and happiness

Whether or not we are living in a simulation right now .who knows..but this was an exciting read with an easy ability to identify with and warm to the main characters.I hope this will be followed with another story extending the futuristic journey of Sam and Victoria 🙂 For I believe the basis of this book may well run parallel with our true world. – Amazon Customer.

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