Dukebox About


Welcome to this brand new specialized platform!

Who is it for/What do we mean by ‘queer’ women:

Women of all ages, races and cultures who do not conform to the traditional “girly-girl” norm by virtue of their attitude, gender or preferences.

What we host/present:

Good quality Fiction and Documentary content for this very special audience – the queer woman!
Currently we focus mainly on narrative fiction and film.

How we came about

As a new writer and film maker myself I realised the harsh truth: In this day and age it does not suffice to take on the taxing professional challenges associated with studying and honing one’s chosen skills or art form. Not only do we have to be very talented, exceed far above the norm in our skills, we also have to be excellent and business, networking, I.T, finance, marketing, public relations and maintain a personal life.

This is not a new discovery. In fact it a heart-sinking discovery made a billion times by every person who has ever tried their hand in a creative industry….

So, if every one of us has to master all these skills and needs to do the same things….

Why not work together?

What we offer our contributors

A Single Vortex

We offer a single online portal, offering a niche, very specific, product set, through which our chosen contributors can publish, promote and advertise their content.
It is a bit like Amazon but for US. As anyone who has trawled the pages in Amazon knows: there is a lot of stuff, even good stuff out there, but not all is what we are looking for.

Single social media outlet

We have all experienced information overload and we all know what it is like to be inundated with new posts and messages and emails. So, rather than doing that to our valued audience, we provide a single social media pipeline through which all news and updates are distributed. Thus, if your audience likes your stuff, the chances are they will also like the other co-contributors and would want updates from both. However, rather than relying on them to go follow you our other contributors on facebook or twitter, risking the chance they might forget you… they can now follow the Dukebox and get relevant updates from all of us.

Publishing assistance

We have a number of close business partners and associates who specialise in offering services related to the online publishing and distribution business. As one of our contributors you can benefit from:


We have a team of highly skilled beta and proof readers who offer their services to make sure your publications stand to make you proud.

Creating copy

We help you write the really hard stuff… the stuff about you! As any writer or creative person knows, it might be a challenge to writer a good story or play or screenplay, but boy it is 1000 times harder to write your own Biog!


We have a team of highly skilled videographers and filmmakers who can help you make professional looking and sounding video content with which to promote yourself online and elsewhere. Selfies are good, but they are not ideal in all situations – Sometimes one can really benefit from a bit professional help!

Marketing Team support

The fact that the platform provides a single brand helps multiply the benefit of any promotional activity. By us all collaborating in one space and technically promoting a single portal/platform we can all benefit by eachother’s efforts. Promoting one, promotes all.

Technical expertise/ready made platform

A single portal enables us to benefit from only needing to invent the wheel once. Here you have a ready made website platform through which you can showcase, promote and distribute your content. We provide the in house expertise to support this platform, so you don’t have to worry about buying a url, setting up a web site, or finding a web site developer or doing all the admin related to maintaining your site.

Want to join us?

Contact us on submissions[@]Dukebox.life.
Please state what you do, what kind of help you think you need and include samples of your work.

Note: This is a specialised selection based platform. We reserve the right to accept only content we think will appeal to our select audience.
So if we turn you down, please don’t lose heart, it just means that we subjectively feel your content is not ideally suited to our expertise or audience.