FRINGE: Getting to know yourself – 05



Chapter 5

Olivia’s head spun. She was not sure what to do. On autopilot she reached for the only promise of respite, which was the half empty bottle of whiskey that had now become a permanent feature on the kitchen counter. She poured herself a generous glass and took a fortifying swig. She relished the burn of the alcohol.

After a few more gulps, Olivia admitted that she could hardly hide out in the kitchen for the rest of the weekend.

In the lounge, Liv was waiting in her armchair, as before, sipping her own drink. Olivia hesitated at the kitchen-door, suddenly feeling very awkward.

Sensing her presence, Liv pressed play on the remote. “Maybe you’ll find this one more ‘comfortable’.”

Reluctantly Olivia pushed on to the couch.

Thankfully, Liv did not feel the need for a big conversation about what just happened, for which Olivia was very grateful. If she was entirely honest, which she had no intention of being with Liv, she was right. Olivia did like it. But, how could she let herself? Surely there must be something quite unnatural going on here.

Olivia tried to concentrate on the film, but her eyes kept wandering over to Liv. She knew herself well enough. Even a very confident, almost brazen, version of herself would not venture out on a limb again unless Olivia showed some willing.

“You’re right,” Olivia finally said softly. “Can we watch the other film again, please.”

Liv turned and looked at Olivia as if assessing the implication of her words. Then she got up and replaced the DVD before casually collapsing back onto her armchair.

As the film played out on the screen, Olivia took large gulps of her whiskey and allowed herself to get absorbed in the story. When it got to the sex scenes, she was very conscious of Liv, hoping Liv might touch herself again. But she knew the ball was still in her court.

By the time it got to, what Olivia knew to be the final climatic sex scene in the film, the effect of the whiskey had begun to manifest itself in a warm relaxed glow inside her. She drained her glass and put it on the coffee-table. It was now or never.

She slid down the couch a little further, slipping her hand in under the waistband of her shorts. She was very shy to do anything and just kept her fingers resting on her short cropped curls. She waited, hoping. But, there seemed to be no sign of a reaction from Liv.

She focussed on the action on the screen and, sure enough, this soon moved her to start gently stroking and touching herself. After a few moments, in her peripheral vision, she saw Liv shift and turn her head. She knew Liv was watching her now. At first this made her want to run, but then she saw Liv slip her hand into her own shorts without taking her eyes off of Olivia.

Olivia could not believe that she—they—were doing this. She tried to stay focused on the images on the screen and pretended Liv was not there—that she was just in her own lounge masturbating to the scene, as she had done more than occasionally on her own.

That was when she heard Liv’s soft voice. “Look at me.”

Olivia braced herself and turned towards Liv. She was relieved to find an aroused expression on Liv’s face that must have matched her own. Her eyes were drawn down to Liv’s hand, who’s movements were now mimicking her own.

God! It was beautiful, Olivia thought.

Then Liv stopped and sat up.

Panic flooded Olivia’s senses. Why was she stopping? Olivia slowed her movement.

“No, don’t stop,” Liv said. There was a gentle encouraging smile on her lips. She nodded somehow indicating it was okay.

Olivia resumed her caresses.

“Show me.” Liv’s voice had an unusual deep timber quality to it.

At first Olivia was unsure what she meant.

Liv cocked her head in a little sideways movement.

Somehow that little gesture clarified everything. Olivia removed her hand from her shorts and grabbed the waistband with both thumbs. Lifting her hips up off the couch she pulled down her shorts and dropped them on the floor.

“All of you,” Liv said.

“And you,” Olivia said. It sounded more like a question.

Liv nodded but did not move.

Olivia sat up, grabbed her t-shirt, pulled it up over her head and dropped it on the floor to join the shorts. She lay back but did not resume her caresses, waiting for Liv to follow suit.

Liv lay back and in a similar fashion stripped off.

Olivia slid her hand down to her soft curls and started to softly caress herself again.

Liv stood up and, without taking her eyes of Olivia, came over to the couch. She stood towering above her, watching.

Olivia had not idea what Liv could be thinking.

She marvelled at Liv’s beautiful body, naked, standing there, so relaxed, so uninhibited in the middle of the lounge. She would never regard her own body as anything special, but this was not the same. She tried not to think too critically but just enjoy this mind-blowing moment.

Eventually, Liv sat down on the couch near Olivia’s knees. She was wondering what Liv was going to do.

At first, she just continued to watch. Then with one finger, Liv softly traced the inside of Olivia’s knee, gently pushing it out, indicating she should spread her legs.

Olivia obliged, opening herself up more.

Liv gently took hold of her foot and lifted it up and over her lap, allowing herself to be positioned between Olivia’s legs.

Olivia could not believe this was happening.

She could almost feel Liv’s gaze like a magic touch, caressing her inner folds. She imagined her own fingers glistening from the moisture that was pooling at her core. She realised she was on the verge of orgasm so she slowed her pace to try to prolong this wonderful experience as much as possible.

“Go inside.” Liv’s voice was now thick with arousal.

Olivia obliged, easing one, then two, fingers inside herself.

She saw Liv involuntarily gasp.

“Yes,” Liv said, her eyes darkening even more with desire. “Come for me.”

Olivia used her other hand on her clit and within a few strokes, holding Liv’s gaze, she exploded from within. Her body arched, taught, reeling, from the most amazing orgasm she had ever had.

When she became aware of her surroundings again, she opened her eyes and saw her mirror image staring back at her. At first she was not sure what the expression meant on Liv’s face.

“Fucking, awesome!” Liv said, tenderly wiping a sweat dampened strand of hair from Olivia’s brow!

They stayed like that, just being close, relishing the unusual intimacy, for a few long moments.

Olivia did not want to break the spell but she could feel fatigue taking a grip and eventually forcing her eyes to close. A few moments later she felt Liv move her leg off her and get up. Again a certain panic beset Olivia, unsure of where she was going. The last thing she wanted was distance between them after what just happened.

Liv reached over and grabbed the blanket and gently spread it over her.

Olivia wanted to protest but she felt too exhausted. She was completely spent from the intense orgasm, combined with the effects of the alcohol. Finally, she surrendered and allowed her eyes to close again.

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