Jun 062016


Those that know me… know I am the last person to get involved in politics. I have never really had much time for power spats and peacocking, perhaps because I have a cynicism about how much politics can be influenced by an ‘lowly’ individual like myself. I am not knocking or diminishing the efforts of those who have changed the world with one voice like Mandella, Mother Theresa, The Dali Lama and so forth. In fact, I am acknowledging how incredible and mystifying I find their awesome achievements.

I am more of a person who believes that, if I want to change the world, I have to change myself and then kind of hope that others think it is a good idea to follows suit. So, I am usually very happy to let more able bodies pick up the political ropes and get on with it.

However, on this occasion, regarding the referendum, I will say this…

It is not political, as in something out there in the world… This very personal!

Sometimes our friends go through rough times. Sometimes they are skint or need to bunk out on our couch. Sometimes they even treat us badly. But because they are our friends, we buy them that pint, we sit up till 3am listening to their woes and share your last square of loo-roll to dry their tears. We pick them up when they need us and we love them because we know we are not perfect either, and we hope that when the time comes and we need someone to laugh or cry with or to stand shoulder to shoulder, they will be there in the best way they can.

Why? Because they are our friends. Because that is what friends do.


We become Billy-no-mates — rich, well rested, unencumbered, probably with rolls of our precious Pounds to use for loo-roll — but out in the cold and alone!

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