FRINGE: Getting to know yourself – 02



Chapter 2

Olivia spent the evening trying to watch Television in order to relax. It had the opposite effect. She chastised herself for not taking the opportunity to go out.

She got up off the couch and wandered around the lounge looking at the picture books and things on display in Liv’s house that she had once been convinced was her own. She wondered how all of these things could seem so familiar and so alien at the same time.

Olivia was accustomed to having things clearly defined, clearly categorised into black and white, right and wrong, good and evil. However, recently, that structure had begun to crumble around her, rendering everything a large confusing smudge of grey.

Finally, at close to midnight, Olivia settled on the couch with a pillow and blanket she had retrieved from the drying cupboard. She decided to lie down and get some rest even though she knew sleep was not likely to come soon.

At 2am Olivia heard the key in the front-door. As it opened, she was about to say something to let Liv know that she need not sneak around because she was still awake. But before she could, she heard barely hushed voices and what sounded like Liv giggle. Olivia froze, pretending to be asleep. To her surprise the second voice was male. As far as Olivia knew there was no current stable relationship in Liv’s life. Could Liv seriously, under the circumstances, have brought home a one night stand?

From where she was lying, Olivia could clearly make out the two intertwined figures in the half-light coming from the bedside-light Liv had left on before she left. They were kissing and fondling and hushing each other in that way that people do when they are too drunk to realised that the hushing makes more noise that anything else. It was clear that Liv was leading him to her bedroom.

Again, whether Liv was too drunk or on account of not caring, she failed to close the double-doors to the bedroom, leaving Olivia a clear view of her bed from her position on the three-seater couch.

Olivia tried to close her eyes and drown out the noise. But it seemed that just flooded her imagination with more vivid alternatives and before she knew it she was watching again. In fact, she was riveted. She watched them hurriedly rip each other’s clothes off. Liv lay back across the bed and let the man get on top of her. Obviously the early evening’s activities served sufficiently as an appetiser and they were both really keen to get down to the main course. In a few brief seconds he was obviously inside her. It seemed odd to Olivia. She did not imagine Liv ever having such a passive role in bed.

The way that Liv and her lover were positioned across the bed gave Olivia a clear, unobstructed view of what was happening.

She became mesmerised by the rhythmic bouncing of Liv’s small breasts as her lover increased his thrust and tempo. Very soon the sight before her had managed to turn Olivia on too. Liv’s features in the throws of ecstasy was exquisite. She wondered if she looked like that when she made love. She resisted the undeniable urge to touch herself, but as she saw Liv escalate towards the peak of what was going to be a powerful orgasm, Olivia gave in. She was so wet and realised she could easily come too.

But, for what happened next, she was definitely not prepared.

As Liv reached the crescendo of her arousal and was about to come, she turned, opened her eyes and seemed to look directly at Olivia.

Panic gripped Olivia. Did Liv know she was awake and watching? But, it was too late. She was on the crest of an orgasm of her own and from the darkness she stared back into her mirror image. The sheer intensity of the moment pushed her over the edge, both tumbling into the abyss of pleasure at the same time.

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