FRINGE: Getting to know yourself – 04



Chapter 4

When Olivia finally came out of the bathroom she was relieved to find Liv’s bedroom empty. There was a pair of shorts and a vest top waiting for her on the bed.

“I left out some clothes for you.” Liv’s voice resounded from somewhere beyond the bedroom’s double-doors. “I assume you didn’t pack for a weekend away.”

Olivia decided that this was a thoughtful gesture. Perhaps there was hope. Perhaps they could spend a few amicable hours together, after all.

When she picked up the clothes she realised that the pile did not include any underwear. It is true that when she was at home alone, relaxing, she wouldn’t always bother with underwear. But this was not home and she was not alone! She wondered if Liv also didn’t wear underwear at home. Perhaps, it was just a bit strange lending someone else your knickers?

The shorts were very short and the t-shirt was thin and more see-through than Olivia would have liked, but she put them on. She took one big deep bracing breath and went to join Liv in the lounge.

Liv was wearing a similar pair of shorts and vest. She was reclining casually with one leg draped over the side of an armchair. The remote control was balanced on her other thigh. She was waiting with a DVD primed and ready to play.

“Good timing.” Liv smiled. Olivia could feel Liv’s eyes appraise her. “I thought they’d fit nicely,” she said with a slight nod before she turned her attention back to the Television.

Olivia took her seat on the couch and draped the blanket over her. This helped a little to allay her self-consciousness. She was grateful at the prospect of being absorbed in a film. That way, they did not have to make conversation. Her mind was still reeling from the experience the previous evening, never mind the kitchen or shower.

Sadly, her peace of mind did not last. She was horrified to find out that the film Liv had selected was a very sexy film—one that Olivia had gotten to know well. Ever since she had Liv’s memories implanted, which included some rather explicit experiences with women, Olivia had been intrigued. So, since her return to her own universe she made it her mission to educate herself, and sometimes treated herself to a lesbian film on a quiet evening at home. This was one of those.

Had Olivia gone as far as going to bed with a woman? No. Could she have? Maybe. To date she had not found anyone who really ignited her passion—or so she told herself.

To make matters worse, during one of the climatic love scenes, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Liv stir and slip her hand into her shorts. She could see Liv’s eyes were closed and her movements rhythmic as she pleasured herself.

A few moments later, Liv turned her head towards Olivia, her eyes still closed. She bit her lip. Her breathing increased along with the rhythm of her hand. The sight combined with the atmospheric sounds coming from the Television was intoxicating and completely overwhelming. At the same time every muscle in Olivia’s body tensed and was shouting: “Flee”, but she could not.

Finally, Liv came softly, barely more than a few laboured breaths escaping her lips.

The effect was like a cattle-prod to Olivia’s spine. She shot up and fled to the kitchen.

“How could Liv just do that in front of her!” Olivia was outraged as she paced around the small kitchen space.

A few minutes later Liv appeared in the kitchen, mug in hand. “I paused the film,” she said heading straight for the whiskey-bottle as if nothing was wrong.

Olivia pretended to be making herself another cup of coffee.

“You sure you don’t want something stronger?” Liv asked.

That was it! Olivia could not take anymore. “What are you doing?”

“Helping myself to whiskey,” Liv said innocently. Olivia knew Liv knew exactly what she meant. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, last night,” Olivia blurted. “I mean, in there, now.”

A slight smirk spread over Liv’s face as she contemplated Olivia. “Nothing really,” she said before she took a sip of her drink. “I just figured that if we are really so similar, then perhaps we would like the same things.”

Olivia could not understand how Liv could be quite so calm. “What? So you decided you’d treat me to a show?”

Liv thought for a moment. “Yes, I guess. But, it was not really meant as a show, more like I did what I thought you’d like, if I were you—which I am.”

“You are not me!” Olivia said. “I know you slept with women, thanks to the images and memories forced into my brain. But, I’m not like that!”

“You mean, you don’t like this?” Liv leant forward, reaching behind Olivia’s head and pulled her into a soft kiss on the lips, catching Olivia completely off guard. She could smell and taste the strong tang of whiskey on Liv’s lips.

“And you’ve never wondered what this might be like,” Liv said not moving away. Instead, she began to gently run her fingertips from the top of Olivia’s neck, over her collar bone, caressing a soft trail down over her chest to her breast, stopping just below it, before running a thumb over Olivia’s traitorous erect nipple.

Olivia almost lost herself in the wonderful soft gentle caress. She closed her eyes savouring the feeling.

Then suddenly the touch was gone. Olivia opened her eyes.

Liv had retreated and was once again leaning against the counter in her characteristic way.

“You want to tell me,” Liv said matter-of-factly, “you have never dreamt about what it must be like to come in another woman’s arms, or mouth, for that matter.”

Liv’s unflinching gaze gave Olivia no way to escape. She knew Liv was being deliberately confrontational.

“I think I know myself a little better than that,” Liv said and then propelled herself off of the counter and out of the kitchen.

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