Nov 272018
Simulation wins NYC Big Book Award! 2018
Simulation wins NYC Big Book Award! 2018

Simulation wins NYC Big Book Award! 2018

I am thrilled to announce my #LesbianFiction #Sci-Fi book, Simulation: The Dawn of a Superhero has won the New York City Big Book Award for the best New Adult Fiction book of 2018.

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Jan 192018

I decided in 2018 that Simulation: The Dawn of a Superhero needed a bit of a cover refresh. So here are two propositions. Which do you prefer?



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Apr 282016

Wollie_rainbowHi Everyone,

Yes, I am Sam. I am new to blogging but really quite excited about it. This will be my first post and as I know from life’s experience so far, I will try not to suck at this new activity, too much, as I find my feet.

So, as a starting point, I thought I would answer a few of the most frequently asked questions I get from readers when they find out or have read my new book for the first time.

1) Why did I write ‘Simulation: The Dawn of a Lesbian Superhero?’

Well, since I was an teenager I always liked science fiction & fantasy stories, particularly if it involved a strong female main character—a kick-ass female hero. Up until quite recently there were not many stories like this around. Finding a lesbian kick-ass hero was even more rare. So I came up with a few stories of my own and this is basically the first one that I have finally, officially, put on paper so far.

It is my dream to create stories that show women, lesbians, living exciting lives, embarking on exciting proactive empowered adventures!.. (rather than jumping off buildings, committing suicide or, their entire worlds revolving around coming out or finding Miss/Mrs Right ;-). Don’t get me wrong, since we are talking about lesbians here, these elements will probably might an appearance, but I aim not to make them the center of attention. Let’s face it, we are rather more multi-dimensional as human beings and that is what is so exciting!

Yes, Simulation is a love story but that is in essence a significant added complication under these circumstances, rather than the sole purpose of this story.

And, in the future chronicles, I certainly have a few more exciting adventures planned for Sam and Victoria.

2) Will Sam ever get to wear a Superhero mask and a cape?

{{Author laughs}} This is not meant to be your traditional Superhero comic. In fact, it is not a comic at all. It is kind of, if you like, a new romance-superhero genre. If anything I would love to see it get made into a film. {{Author dreams}}

As for the cape… well, I think we all wear masks and capes all the time, you just can’t see them. So, yes, so does Sam.

3) How did you come up with the story?

I had originally written this story as a film script and I am positive it would make a wonderful movie. But, then I get a little wiser about the economics of film making and realised that the budget for a film that would need special effects is a little out of my (and my film maker friend’s) reach. So rather than waiting around for this script to gather dust in my desk draw I decided to write it as a novel.

And yes, I am still hopeful about the film, except now my readers can enjoy it in the meantime and create their own movies in their heads, until we figure out a way to really make this movie.

4) Is it true that a large part of this story is based on fact?

It is true that this story is often inspired by facts and truths. It might be exactly the truth, but there are surprising elements of truth and facts that have inspired this story.

I love doing that. I love the idea that there are sometimes quite surprising elements of fact and reality in a fiction narrative. My future blogs will tell you a bit more about these.

5) How can your readers find out about the next book in The Lighthouse Chronicles?

I would suggest that you join our VIP Members Mailing List here:

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