Nov 262017

Twinkles Diva

Twinkles is very pleased to announce that we are currently running a special promotion of “Cat Sitting” the short story and short film combo box, wherein she is undoubtedly the DIVA. 💅🏻

Be sure to get your eBook or Paperback copy from Cat Sitting on Amazon SOON. The promotion ends on Thursday the 30th November 2017.

What do you think? Does Twinkles’s performance is worthy of her DIVA status?

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Saying Sorry – L.E.S COMBO II (Film & Story) – Paperback Edition


A Queer & Complex Process!



Written by Sam Skyborne

Directed by Wollie Boehm


A Sexy Lesbian story about Love, Anger and Forgiveness

Ever needed to say sorry like you mean it?
Having screwed-up again, Jo learns that finding a suitable way to say sorry is hard. And that having to say you’re sorry and being forgiven isn’t always a two-way street. The resulting journey is sometimes far from easy and certainly not predictable.


over18logo_70x70For Adults ONLY!

“Wow! What a journey! I might get into trouble more!”
“Reading the story after watching the film gives a great new twist on it!”
“”Phew! Hot! Complex! Insightful! All at once.”
“Hard, raw while sweet and tender. Great!”